Announcement & A Story

So we’ve run into a perfect storm at the moment. With my current health issues, as well as recent health issues for yourdorkmaterials, my posting schedule has been…difficult to work on. That said, again, I’m not abandoning or quitting The Blog. I just can’t do it.

For those of you who are just readers to those of you who have subscribed to see the randomness of what I post on a near daily basis, I refuse to let any of you down. That said, I have to scale back my operation a bit…

So to illustrate, I’m going to tell a short story that will hopefully explain my dilemma, as well as attempting to NOT spoil parts of Rime of the Frostmaiden that I haven’t gone over yet (and I know that I’m, like, two sessions behind as of yesterday…I’m taking notes so that I can catch up).

So yesterday…

We were running Rime of the Frostmaiden, right? Things are going well, we finish the section of the adventure that we hadn’t finished the previous time (as a heads up, we both got to and finished the cabin bit, and moved on to the pirate ship, which is what we were finishing; gotta give some context without spoilers).

I’d prepared several bits of this chapter where I’d expected the party to head to. Mostly. Then the party finished what they were doing and then took an…alternate route back to Ten Towns. One that put them exactly in the path of another encounter area.

Well…that was…unexpected.

This is what happened.

Now what?

Then, nothing short of a miracle happened. Someone called for a 5-10 minute bathroom break!!!

The dice gods be praised!

Thank goodness I’ve figured out Roll20 to the extent that I have (I’ll be doing a “How-To” on that one as well!), or else this could have been a mess. I quickly set up the map, the dynamic lighting (this is how the player w/ their virtual token can only see what their character would be able to see; it’s a lovely feature), and set up the critters and such that they would be facing, and on the right layer of the map.


They came back from break, and the structure they saw, they chose to ignore, go back to town, restock/resupply (their axe beak mounts were killed…again.), get new mounts, and head back to see what it was all about.

Thus, they found the…place. I won’t spoil it, but needless to say, the combats took up our time, with the exploration being the next thing that they get to accomplish.

I told this story to say this: my time is jacked.

I have 6 kids, one of which is a 3-year old. He requires attention from me. He’s been into me more than my wife, so it’s a lot of “Hey, Dad! Play cars with me!” or some other such. I have Roll20 maps to work up. I have miniature painting to accomplish because A) Part of my content is miniature painting, and B) It is a super relaxing activity in the midst of my stressful life. Then, to top it all off, I have modules that I am writing as well as another writing project that I am working on with a friend (which we are SO behind on). And as stated, I have a spouse that wishes to have my attention on occasion.

THEREFORE! I will be modifying my posting schedule a bit, thus why that page has been taken down. I’ll still be posting the game summary from my Sunday game (Rime of the Frostmaiden) on Mondays (this week being the exception, as I’ll be posting my catch-up posts this week in lieu of other content), a miniature painting update and How-To on Sundays. I’ll be doing the “How-To DM” again if yourdorkmaterials isn’t feeling better by Thursday, as well as DM stories on Fridays as well. I’m still working on what my Wednesday content will be since my Tuesday group all but fell apart and I’ve just formed a new Tuesday group and haven’t really done much to speak of and/or blog about. I may end up splitting up the post between Tuesdays and my Sunday night Discord group. I don’t know. If you have any ideas, they would be welcome.

Some ideas I’ve had:
-Monster Spotlight
-Encounters You Can Use
-A Stream Recording of one of my games (this one would be cool, but has to wait until I can play in person as I’m not sure how well my Roll20 game would record considering that our audio comes off of Discord and my Video would be off of Roll20; I’ll have to look into it)
-Step-by-Step building an adventure

I’m not sure. If anyone has any better ideas, feel free to comment below. Like seriously, any feedback would be welcome.

Until next time, Dear Readers!

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