Rime of the Frostmaiden: Of Cookies and the Murder Moose

I know I’m a bit behind in my writing, but I’m going to play catch up this week. I’m also going to be getting new articles from yourdorkmaterials for the end of this week. He’d been under the weather and unable to post. There won’t be a post for New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day.

When last we left our intrepid band of heroes, such as they are, they had just helped the town of Dugan’s Hole.

Looking at their options, the party decided to head out towards Brynn Shander to resupply and to see what other information they could find out about the area. After a few hours ride, the party arrived without incident.

After resupplying and heading to the temple to get the curses removed that they picked up while plundering the tomb, the party was asked by the gnomish cleric at the shrine to go and take supplies to a friend of his up at a cabin northwest of Lonelywood. The party agreed to do it after they took care of the moose that was terrorizing Lonelywood.

The trip was not without danger, as a gargantuan white dragon flew off in to the north, northwest, away from Lonelywood. Most of the party hid or cowered in terror, but the few that were not cowed by its terrible presence, noticed that the dragon had a rider and seemed to be afflicted with cataracts, likely relying on its blingsight ability to make its way in the world. The party continued on…

Arriving in Lonelywood, the party decided to find and speak to the town speaker, a halfling who was troubled by the attack on the loggers in the woods nearby. Unfortunately, the only payment she could offer was a basket of her award-winning cookies. The party tasted the cookies, found them the most delicious they’d ever had in their lives, and agreed to go hunting for the elusive white “murder moose.”

The ranger tracked for hours in the woods, finding moose prints, but finding only a regular moose. Using the scroll of speak with animals, they found out that the white moose hangs out at a structure further in the forest. The party headed that way and found a hare being stalked by a fox, the same fox that they had saved from the trapper earlier in their adventures. Having his dinner ruined (although the party furnished him with jerky from their rations), the fox told them where the weird animals that spoke like the “two legs” were, offering to take them there.

The party soon found the structure, an elven tomb with a strange sort of sundial in the center. The party noticed a gazeebo (insert “It’s a gazeebo, Eric…” joke here) with a brazier inside, as well as many statues all pointing towards the tomb. Seeing an opening broken into the tomb, the party cautiously entered inside, where the cleric was ambushed by the infamous albino moose!

The battle was soon joined by the druid that had been awakening all of the animals they had come across that spoke, as well as an awakened shrub.

The battle was hard fought, but as it has been, the party remained victorious.

Plundering the rest of the tomb, the party found a sarcophagus with a friendly mummy that was their companion until it was destroyed.

Going back to Lonelywood, the party resupplied and collected the basket of cookies that they promised, having taken the antlers from the white moose, as well as its hide.

Next week, we’ll talk about the trip to the infamous Black Cabin, where a gnome is said to live, where the party takes supplies to!

Until next time, Dear Readers!

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