How-To Paint Minis: Painting Minsc

Hello, Dear Readers!

I only have a short post as my recent MS relapse has had me in near constant doctors appointments!

That said, I have something to show you:

Isn’t he wonderful?

I finished painting his base, did some touch-up work, and shaded him.

There is a shading technique that I want to try next time, but we’ll do that on another miniature.

All I have left is to give him a dull-coat lacquer and display him proudly!

Don’t think I have forgotten our dear villain, Mansion either. He’s due some shading and then he’ll be here too.

I’m sorry for the poor quality of the photos. My phone camera stopped working since the last Android update. This will be the second replacement I will have had. Not fun at all.

In any case, since my (new) Tuesday group has yet to meet, I won’t have a game summary for you tomorrow, so likely you’ll get more miniature painting updates!

Until next time, Dear Readers…

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