Rime of the Frostmaiden: Operation “Housekeeping” a Success

Dear Readers, due to my having just been discharged from the hospital yesterday, I missed getting my post out, and we didn’t end up playing. Therefore, today I’ll be giving a brief overview of what happened Sunday to make up for missing that post. Thanks for your love and understanding.

~The Daily DM


We last left our heroes in Good Meade, where they were investigating rumors of giants and the flow of mead being interrupted.

Getting into town and heading over to the mead hall, they almost immediately ran into a man rushing into town disturbed over finding 5 members of the town watch bashed to a pulp. Heading to the mead hall, the party found the townsfolk having issues with choosing a new town speaker due to the last one getting killed by some sort of giant who stole their last kegs of mead, leaving them dry.

Deciding to help the town recover their mead and put down the threat to them from these giants, the party headed the direction of the giants, eventually coming across a mammoth skull that made for a very convenient bridge to some caves where the tracks led. Along the way they saw two sets of prints: some large giant creature and that of an ogre. Lovely.

Making their way inside, the party decided to actually try “Operation: Housekeeping” again. What is this, you may ask?

Well, since the beginning of this campaign, whenever they approach a place that they plan on making a frontal assault onto, they announce themselves as “Housekeeping!” with the hopeful intent on actually pulling it off and getting access to the premises. This had not so far worked. Yet. But we’ll get to that.

In any case, they came across the ogre and fought it, dispatching it easy enough, as well as the “giant” which was found to be a furbeeg. Not too shabby with a full party of 7 characters. They ran into a polar bear, but convinced it with a Handle Animal check to have at the goats and sheep in the pen in the cave instead of them.

Wandering further inside to loot the place and look for the kegs, the party found an ancient burial chamber, taking the wand of the warmage and the pearl of power that they found there. One of the two thought this suspicious that there weren’t some sort of protection on them. Hmm…

Remember how I said that “Operation: Housekeeping” was coming up? Yeah, so they began to leave when they heard a voice outside, calling presumably to the former furbeeg occupant of the caves. Imagine a lady furbeeg that has the voice like that of Grenda from the show “Gravity Falls.” Apparently, she was a suiter of the male furbeeg that lay dead beyond her sight in the cave.

The half-orc, having actually purchased a French-maid type costume back in Brynn Shander, decided to shoot his shot to keep her outside. The exchange was something like this:

“Duhg, you home?!” calls out the furbeeg.
“Uhh, not really…” says the party.
“Who are you?!”
“Housekeeping!” (rolls CHA (Deception) check…gets good roll)
Me, rolling WIS (Insight) check: a Nat 1. Holy smokes.
“She believes you.”
“What happened to Duhg?”
“His polar bear got him. We couldn’t save him.”
“AAAAAARRRGGGHHH!!!!” (she proceeds to fight the polar bear in revenge then goes to bury Duhg)
The party takes the casks and leave.

At some point when almost back to Good Meade, the party found out that she realized the wounds weren’t from a polar bear. She came after them. They took her out pretty easily due to her weakened state from the polar bear combat.

Walking triumphantly into town, the party returned the mead and, after a brief strange encounter where the (just found to be) Zhentarim dwarf was defeated in the election of the Town Speaker over the woman who genuinely cares for the town itself.

During their long rest, the party found that two of their member were plagued with nightmares, unable to get any rest. Remember those magic items? Cursed. They headed back to Brynn Shander for a couple castings of remove curse with the intention of heading out to Dugan’s Hole the next day.

What will they find there? There were rumors of wolves plaguing the town, but, as it has always seemed, there is generally more than meets the eye going on!

Until next time, Dear Readers…

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