Short Post: Not Feeling Well

Sorry guys, but this thing is really kicking me in the tail. I promise that I’ll get back to posting better as soon as possible.

I was feeling pretty good yesterday, but my back spasms have me in a ton of pain today, and this alone is taking a lot out of me to type out.

That said, here is a very punctuated story of what happened yesterday.

Yesterday, I ran Rime of the Frostmaiden from my hospital bed on Roll20. It was awesome. I hadn’t figured out how to do dynamic lighting until today, so that was…interesting. I got the fog of war working though and revealed areas bit by bit. It worked out okay, I guess.

They were in Good Meade and took care of the Ferbeeg issue they were having and recovered the stolen mead. Additionally, they got the good guy (gal, actually) to be the new town speaker. All good in the hood, easy peasey lemon squeezy.

Next time they are on the way to Dugan’s Hole, I believe. It’s going to be hilarious as it’s the…more…banjos and in-breeding sort of town. Think a slightly more friendly Deliverance (the movie).

My evening Discord game was continuing to go through the Dancing Hut of Baba Yaga (which I would like to point out, is a Russian folktale witch, pronounced Baba yee GAH). This was the group I did the group hightlight of. That session was so funny and awesome to run that I will tell of that session. It was so much fun.

In any case, I wanted to give you something despite my issues. I’m trying to fight my way through it.

You, Dear Readers, have been amazingly understanding with my disease and how it’s affecting my posting schedule.

Until next time, Dear Readers…

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