Character Profile: Ad hoc Discord Group Playing “The Dancing Hut of Baba Yaga”

As some of you know, I’m back in the hospital for an MS flare up. Not fun. That said, I got bored last night and began running Baba Yaga with a group consisting of a couple of people I know in person and two of my Discord internet friends via voice chat on Discord. This is not so much about the game itself as it is about the players.


First off, my players got along great, which is a real treat for me as a DM. Secondly, they did very well, especially drawing in the one player that was pretty shy at first. He really seemed to get into it.

I’ll be referring to folks by their first name or User name as I know them.

Firstly is one of my longest known internet friends, Christober. He changes his username often enough that I generally call him by his character name from our Sunday night game, Elren. I’ve told some stories about him (the one about his pet tarantula, Benjamin).

Next is Legion. He and I became friends on a Discord server where we are both admins. It’s called Arryn, and everyone should join/check it out. It’s a great community run by a guy named Gobfish and his right hand Byproduct. They are all about the gaming and D&D and other such comments. In any case, Legion has become a buddy of mine and now plays in the same game as Elren since we were down a player. He’d apparently heard good things about my campaigns and wanted to join.

Next is Joe. When I met him, he was a highschooler who joined my first ever Adventurers League group as my second DM. He’s a wonderful DM and I was lucky to have him. He was a DM in the highschool Game Club in Nebraska where we used to live. He’s a college student now, and he plays mostly by internet if I’m not mistaken. Joe is a gentleman and a scholar and I am proud to mentor him, be it at the table or over life itself. He has become a great friend over time.

Lastly, but not least, is Ethan, Joe’s boyfriend. I’ve only become acquainted with him recently, but he seems like a sweet guy. He was my shy player…at first. Then he really got into playing. He seemed amused at the first time he played with my Thursday Humblewood group, and they TPK’d their first session. Long story, but it began with “Okay guys, let’s split up to explore this abandoned town…Ooh, look! Shiny!” Hilarity ensued. We are rebooting said campaign this Thursday if I can. Really depends on where I am, be it here in the hospital (not likely), at home (slightly more likely), or a physical rehab facility (more likely). If I’m at the rehab facility, I’m not sure of the internet situation, so playing may not be a thing.

That was my group. As Elren/Christober and Legion are part of my Sunday evening, post League group (which has moved totally online due to a positive Covid-19 case at the store where we play), they will be back to back games, and we are looking at having Joe and Ethan join us for continuing this ad hoc game one-shot tonight, if the rest of the group is up for it, then continuing our other game after this is done. I suspect it will be a lot of fun.

I hope everyone enjoyed this player profile! Join us tomorrow for my summary of my Sunday game, and Tuesday for…something else. Not sure what I’ll have that day since I can’t have my miniature painting stuff. I guess it depends on where I am and what I can actually do.

Until next time, Dear Readers!

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