By yourdorkmaterials

I have some pretty amazing players in my weekly game.

I admit that I was more than a little nervous at first. This started out as a pick-up game at my local for Adventurer’s League. With one exception, I didn’t know them, or even know anything about them, and vice-versa. Would we mesh well? Would they get along with each other? Did they prefer a beer-and-pretzel-type game or something more serious?

It has all worked out beautifully so far. Lots of surprises and lots of laughs. Privately, I’ve started calling them The Zigs because they definitely tend to zig when I plan on them zagging.

So…here’s the Zigs in all their glory:

“17” – A Goblin Totem Barbarian who is turning out to be the most “moral” of the group.

Guy Blankenship – A Human Battlemaster Archer who is perpetually on the hunt for glory and fame.

Kylor – A Tabaxi Gloomstalker Ranger-Archer who has a serious dislike of humans and a penchant for removing the eyes of his enemies.

Mordren – A Human Hunter Ranger two-weapon whirlwind of death with a disturbingly pragmatic moral code.

Winzu – A Ghostwise Halfling Moon Druid who is a hair’s breadth away from going feral.

The Story

I started them out in Saltmarsh because I wanted to get a few weeks into the Rime of the Frostmaiden game I’m playing in before I moved them north to Ten Towns. They discovered a strange alliance between the local lizardfolk and a band of pirates where the lizardfolk were attacking the outlying farms and villages, taking captives, and selling the people to the pirate-slavers in exchange for better weapons.

Being the intrepid heroes that they are, the Zigs stepped up and took the fight to the lizardfolk and had some good success initially over the course of a few games. Saltmarsh’s leaders are starting to include them in plans and seek the Zig’s counsel. Their growing reputation amongst the people of Saltmarsh means they’re living the high life; they can’t pay for a meal, a room, or a drink anywhere in the town. Things are definitely Going Well.

Thanks for reading. We’ll see ya’ll next time.

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