Player Character Party Highlight

This week, instead of my normal Tuesday Game Summary, I wanted to do something different.

So…I’ve been thinking of explaining why the varying adventuring parties do what they do in my posts, but it always seemed to get in the way of telling what happened. Therefore, I’m going to give you an idea of who was where and when. Today, I will go over the Rime of the Frostmaiden group. Player’s names will not be used, for privacy reasons, so I will refer to everyone by their character’s name (all pictures are the property of their respective creators and all rights are reserved for them).

First we have the player who has made two characters, the half-drow bard (which he found wasn’t nearly as fun as he’d hoped), who switched out to a dwarf paladin. His name is Hendel and he’s the designated tank of the party. Every party needs a battle-turtle.

Next we have J’zargo. I know, creative name. And take a wild guess at what his race and class are…Yeah, exactly: a tabaxi rogue. Real creative, buddy. This guy is the high-damage sneaky support/door opener.

Then we have Dell. He’s a half-elven ranger that, with a longbow and hunter’s mark, makes a killing with the enemy. I’ve seen him dish out minimum damage at around 13 points. It’s kind of an impressive build that makes a RAW (Rules As Written) ranger redeemable.

Next is our wood-elf monk, River. She’s the kind that has a high damage output due to her flurry of blows ability. When she learned that her quarterstaff is one heck of a monk weapon when used with two hands, she giggled. *visible DM shudder*

Now comes Enrir, our gnome wizard. What a glass cannon! He does a really good job hiding behind the bigger guys and sniping at the enemy with whatever he has. He likes fire-based spells. A lot. fire bolt and burning hands are favorites of his, to great advantage and effect.

Next, we have our Dragonborn sorcerer (silver, go figure), Eldeth, who is just as much of a damage output as the wizard, but uses those sorcery points to amazing effect, getting in extra spells or increasing her damage. It’s done some good work. Her player hasn’t been around for a bit due to things going on, but when she’s there it’s noticeable.

Lastly, but definitely not least, is our half-orc War Domain cleric, named Garark. He’s been acting as the party tank until the Paladin showed up. He uses his channel divinity to great effect to either get extra melee attacks or to increase his ability to hit things. Hard. His favorite spell has to be cause wounds. He uses guiding bolt to help the party out with hitting things, and sacred flame when he doesn’t want to burn a spell slot.

Together, this rag-tag group of semi-murder hobos is an effective team able to take on anything I’ve thrown their way, and with ease. As we move onward to Easthaven, Lonelywood, and Dougan’s Hole, we’ll see how they continue to do…

Until next time, Dear Readers!

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