How-To Paint Minis: Painting Mins (and Boo)

Welcome to another addition of How-To Paint Minis!

Today, I’ve decided to do something a little different. Today I am the miniature that I got with the D&D brand (by Army Painter; you guys seriously rock!) miniature paints. And I’m going to paint him mostly with the paints that they provide in box. When I say mostly you’ll see what I’m talking about.

Theoretically, this is what he’s supposed to look like:

Here he is; at least, what he’s supposed to look like at the end…

Here are the paints that I used. Again with the mostly. If you look at the above picture, you can see that they want us to use grey primer(?!) to do some accents!! AS IF!

Additionally, for those familiar with Minsc, he has purple facepaint on half his face. Purple. The basic box doesn’t come with purple. So there’s that.

As you can see, this is what our lineup is. Keep in mind, that if you don’t buy the box set of starter paints, it’s okay. Each one has an equivalent. Here they are:

Mithril Silver = Plate Mail Metal
Alien Purple
Flumph Pink = Barbarian Flesh
Kraken Blue = Ultramarine Blue
Lawful White = Matt White (Not called for, but how else are we painting that adorable hamster?!)
Bugbear Brown = Leather Brown
Dragonfire Red = Pure Red
Dungeon Grey
See below:

As per usual (not always, I do make mistakes on occasion and forget), I washed Minsc and applied a nice coat of primer. Yes, I realize that I didn’t prime the sides of the base. Yes, I will do so before painting the base.

I started with his boots. I tend to work with the things that will likely not need touching up, but will get touched up on. This will make sense later.

As you can see, the tiefling and Artemis are still laying there…unpainted. YES, I’M PROCRASTINATING AND I DON’T KNOW WHY….ahem.

Next, his pants, in the Kraken Blue. Remember to water down your paints, kids! Many light coats are better than one heavy one! Paint sticks better that way.
On that note, I’ve recently discovered the wonders of a wet pallet. Once I get mine, I will gladly tell you all about it, with pictures!

Next I did the face, arms, and hands. Yes, I missed a spot on the sword. It was semi-intentional. You’ll see why I say that in a few minutes, after the next part I do.

Now, I work on the cloak. This one is where it is VITAL that the paint be thinned out with water for the express purpose of getting into the nooks and crannies. He’s starting to look pretty good…

And in case you don’t believe me, here’s his back.

Notice the touchup I did. I “forgot” some brown parts, namely, on the sword handle(s).

Began painting the metal bits. Yes, you can see that I’ve been doing some touch ups. I’m kind of OCD when painting, so if I see something blatantly missed, I can’t help myself but to go back and fix it.

No, our boy isn’t finished, but next week I’ll show you how to finish him up, and what he’ll hopefully look after shading! With any luck, he’ll look something like the picture. Fingers crossed!

Until next time, dear readers!

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