Rime of the Frost Maiden: Ascent of Kelvin’s Cairn

When last we left off, The party was at the abandoned base camp at the foot of Kelvin’s Cairn, having found Garret’s dog sled and dogs, as well as those from the adventuring company he was guiding.

Secure in the knowledge that the dogs would be safe, the parties staked their axe beak mounts and began The asset of the mountain.

It wasn’t long until they came across a small group of mountain goats. The party, still having their potions of animal friendship, decided to imbibe one of them and befriend the goats. Deciding that one of them would make a great mount, the gnome wizard happily rode upon the one that would accompany them, naming him “Steve.”

Writing upon the sure-footed mountain goat, the gnome took point. It was a good thing too, as the mountain goat and the ranger were able to warn the party in time of an impending avalanche, which the party’s dwarven paladin only barely escaped from.

Continuing the climb, the party came across to Garret, barely conscious in the snow. After trying for him, the party and Garret were costed by two crag cats, enormous and ferocious animals that can reflect magic aimed at them. The party made a short work of them.

Continuing onward, the ascent of the mountain became steep and perilous, but the ranger guided the party upwards with ease.

After the remaining journey upwards the party came across a large cave opening, and the ranger discovered recent footprints of a yeti that had left the cave.

Our band of intrepid heroes cautiously enter the cave, hearing the cries of someone inside. Coming around a corner, they found two hiding adventurers, a goliath paladin and a human fighter! These two adventurers were with the other three, having joined in Caer Konig. They recounted the ambush in which their wizard ran further up the mountain, and Garrett having tried to escape by running downward. These two were trapped inside as their halfling cleric was captured and being used as a toy by the offspring of the mated pair of yetis.

With the combined might of the two new companions, the party entered the cave further and came across the mother and offspring yetis. The mother guarded her young, allowing the party to escape with the cleric, who was alive albeit beaten and battered.

The party began to leave, but not before being confronted by the returning male yeti.

Battle ensued, and the party made quick work of the male yeti. afterwards, the party decided that the irredeemable nature of the yetis made them a threat to the folk of Ten Towns, and decided to eliminate the remaining yetis, which they made quick work of.

The yeti tyke.

Taking a rest, the party moved up where the mountain, looking for signs of Astrix, the tiefling wizard companion. They found her, frozen solid next to a long dead dwarf with blue boots. Taking her and the dwarf’s bodies (the dwarf at the behest of the paladin), as well as her spell book and potion of healing, the party descended the mountain and headed back to Bryn Shander, where the dwarf gave the body of the deceased dwarf to the local dwarven smiths to have returned to family.

The halfling cleric decided that her adventuring days were over and parted ways, taking the body of Astrix with her, promising to return her to her family.

After some discussion on what to do, the party headed for Targos, returning Garret to his husband, and gaining the scrimshander’s reward. Their pockets with a little bit more gold than they started, the party headed off to Easthaven, having heard rumors of problems with wolves, the ferry (where they had found a note alleging duergar inside of), and a wizard being burned at the stake for the crime of murder.

Be a party arrived in time to watch the execution of the wizard. It was a gruesome site.

Afterwards, they were approached by the captain of the guard, who asked them to look into an issue regarding missing fishermen off the coast, which the party agreed to help with.

Looking for the duergar, The Ranger found footprints leading up and down the dock towards the ferry. The party cautiously entered, finding evidence in the aft cabin of four dwarves. Hearing something in the corner, but seeing nothing (and knowing that duergar can turn invisible at will), the party loosed spells and arrows at the corner, a burger in robes appearing and falling dead.

A face only a mother could love…

After searching the room, they heard footsteps approaching. More duergar!

Will they discover why the wizard killed the adventurers? Will they unravel the mysteries around the missing fishermen? Will they defeat the duergar and thwart the plot of the mysterious Xardorok?

Join us next week, dear readers, to find out!

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