Miniature Painting Highlights: What I’m Working On 11/3/2020

Here we are again for another Mini Painting Highlight, and in the U.S., Election Day (as an aside, a big shout out to my Dear Readers in China, France, Pakistan, India, Canada, the U.K., and any other place I’ve missed: Your readership is very welcome!).

Without further ado, here’s what I’ve been working on, some you are aware of, some not:

First up, the infamous mimic. I did a better detail on his/her/its woodwork and began to make its eyes more orange. I also did a second coat on his tongue.

Cute, right?

Next up is one of two familiar fellows, at least if you follow the Forgotten Realms lore, Mr. Artemis Entreri himself. He has a lot of browns and blacks in his palate, so I need more paint (yay, an excuse to buy more paint!), but his cloak is coming along.

His swords were already painted back when I had a small spillage of a metal paint. It’s something I do often when these things happen.

Next up is another familiar face, the dark wizard himself: Manshoon. For those who are unaware, he was a purchase from the Dragon Heist days, in the hopes that I would run that version one day. Hopefully call me he’ll look something like this:

Right now, however, he looks like this:

I know, still a work in progress…

Lastly, but certainly not least, the infamous tiefling that it feels like I’ve been working on for decades. Like, I am seriously considering taking a break from working on him, he frustrates me so. Or not. I’ll finish him eventually.

I cleaned up some of his lines, colored his hair, and worked on his boots. I had a few extra minutes while I was working on Manson and waiting for one of his coats to dry to do some extra work on this guy. If you notice, I’m taking a very similar approach and paint scheme has the last one I painted, which incidentally came out of the same pack the last one did. I really liked the color scheme, and will be using that for the one that I was staying in my own possession.

Well, that’s it for now Dear Readers. Join me tomorrow for a recap of our Tuesday game. Considering that they are still in the Dancing Hut of Baba Yaga, It is sure to be an interesting time.

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