Mini Painting Spotlight: 13 October, 2020

Yeah…so if you are seeing this for the first time, you can see that I accidentally posted Thursday’s post today. Sorry to get your hopes up, but you’ll see it in a few days, if that is any consolation.

Onward to discussing miniatures!

This week, as you could tell, I’ve been working on basecoating some of my non-preprimed miniatures. These are the resin ones that, for the most part (like Jarlaxle and Xanathar) one has to assemble before painting.

Another project I’ve been working on is restoring some old miniatures.

That all said, I have one miniature I was finally able to paint:

He’s not too fancy, but I think he’s pretty cool.

I had him painted up last week, but was waiting on getting a specific Effects paint in order to finish him: “Glistening Blood.”

I wanted to do the blood that I wanted to be dripping down the sides of his mouth.

Let me say this: I absolutely love most of the effects paints.

For example, check out my skeletons again:

See the rust on the swords and shields (keeping in mind that I painted upwards of 5 of these!)? This particular effect was done with a paint that was made up, upon drying, to look like what appears to be dried rust.

Another one that I enjoy that I’ve been using is called “Wet Mud.” I’ve been using it a lot for bases along with my grey for stone and rocks.

That’s all I have for this week!

Next week I’ll have some more restorations and new miniatures to show!

Until next time, dear readers!

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