Sunday Game: Rime of the Frostmaiden; Onward to Bremen

Our heroes left off chasing after some goblins after finding the dead dwarf, killed by a yeti. The party saw the wagon hitched to two angry polar bears. The ranger, thinking he could, sneaked up to the polar bears and calmed them, as well as releasing them. He then fired an arrow into the Goblin boss.

The battle went quickly, the new companions, a gnome wizard, a wood-elf monk, and a half-orc cleric (war domain), joining the throng. Soon, especially after the angry and mistreated polar bears mauled a few of the goblins, the only one left was the goblin boss, who surrendered. Promising all of his treasure and the lost iron bars, the party let him flee with his life.

Heading back to Brynn Shander with the body of the dwarf and the iron ingots, the party was welcomed with great enthusiasm by the dwarves that hired them. They were additionally awarded a permanent 10% discount on any of the work the dwarves would do for them.

The party then decided that the serial killer needed to be dealt with. Knowing that he would be in the town of Bremen, the party mounted their trusty axe beak mounts and rode out to Targos, a stop along the way to Bremen. It was there they decided to rest and explore the town, checking out the general goods store.

Targos Coat of Arms

On the way, the party was accosted by a very friendly sled dog with a broken harness. They were led to a small home, where they met Keegan, who invited them inside for cider. Inside, Keegan told of his husband being possibly in danger, as Boy (the dog) is his favorite dog and would never be left. Pointing the party out towards Kelvin’s Cairn by way of Caer-Konig. Keegan claimed to be friendly with the owner of the local in (The Luskan Arms) to get free rooms as well as some of the trinkets he makes if they help. The party agreed to help after they finished their current task in Bremen. As the party all had mounts, their travel was greatly shortened so they could cover much ground in a short time.

Heading out to Bremen, the party found their way to one of the local inns there, Buried Treasures. The woman running the inn (Cora Mulphoon) was very grateful to have so many customers and fawned over them like royalty. The party began to tip generously, much to her surprise! The party asked around for Sephek, finding out that he was currently inside Black-Bearded Brother tavern. The party bard asked the bartender if he could perform. Rolling high, the bard began a lovely and jaunty performance getting the whole tavern to join in the merriment, with customers from nearby taverns (there were 5 in close proximity) coming to see the show. Buying Sephek a large number of drinks, the party began tracking him outside as he stumbled. As a blizzard began to hit, the party struck, fighting a running battle south along the alleys, late into the evening. The party nearly cornered him several times, but Sephek used misty step, or a form thereof, to get away, even disappearing up on a roof. Deciding to take a short rest, the party stopped and commiserated at being unable to corner Sephek.

Bremen’s Coat of Arms

Deciding to head down to the docks to check out the stories of the lake monster, the party was mistaken for fishermen by the gruff dwarf who apparently ran a fishing business. An androgynous half-elf chided the dwarf for not warning the party of the dangers of the lake monster. Tali, for that was their name, is a researcher and wanted to have someone take notes regarding the monster if they came across it, handing the party a leather-bound journal. Deciding that they may as well, as they were heading out that way anyways.

Deciding to try and make some kind of reward for themselves, the party set about fishing, with several catching more than a few of them, but at the latest, the half-orc cleric was pulled into the water! Helping him out of the frigid water, the party set about getting him dry clothes and a blanket to warm up in. Just as they decided to head back to shore, the waters rippled as a scaled back crested the waters….

Will the party survive what nobody else had survived? Will they catch Sephek?

Only time will tell…

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