Tuesday Game: Curing the Beholder’s Mind and Mage Smackdown in the Desert

So I didn’t write during a week when we actually played. As a result, this blog post is going to be rather… long. Yes, it is technically an old recap, but nothing that happened tonight would make sense without it. So I will just catch you up.

For those interested, this takes place as a Part 2 to “Object of Desire” completing that adventure and moving on to Calimport. I am going to be less detailed than usual, so as to be able to catch you all up with where we are now…

So the party managed to help the beholder recover his mind with the potion recipe that they had discovered in the journal of the scribe. Come to find out the beholder was really a sultan who had been transformed by an evil wizard on account of him eloping with the wizard’s daughter. The evil wizard kidnapped his daughter and turned her into a crystal statue while having transformed the sultan into said beholder.

To beholder, having regime is mine, decided to ask the party to help him save his true love. The party agreed to do so. The party infiltrated the evil Wizard’s lair, rescued from enslaved commoners, rescued and enslaved efreeti, rescued a polymorphed apprentice (a talking monkey), stole his personal dining room furniture and decorations, defeated the evil wizard with the help of destroying the wizard’s power base, and with the help of the beholder/sultan helped save his beloved.

The party got back having freed both and restoring the sultan’s form, the party rescued princess Yasmin, and continued on their way to Calimport.

It was there that they discovered that Mhendi was living under the pseudonym of his Calimport crime syndicate name, who was found to have a shop in the slums. On the way, the paladin decided to become a saint by healing the sick and injured of the slums, being dubbed Saint Severn.

At some point during that entire business, the party had an attempted pickpocket whom they decided to take pity on and adopt. This would come to haunt them later.

Mhendi told them that he wanted, as a favor to help them find Connor, to eliminate a business rival of his. The name of the business rival: Artemis Entreri the master assassin. Mhendi’s primary goal was to ensure that Artemis would not be interfering in his business dealings so the party decided to try to pay off Artemis into leaving town for awhile. While trying to decide how to find Artemis, Artemis found them first. His issue with the party? They were softening his son whom he was wanting to live and grow up hard on the streets so that he could groom him into being his protege.

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This devastated the spicy cleric, Whitlock, Who cried ugly tears trying to tell Kasim that they could not take him with after all because someone told them that they couldn’t. Kasim became very calm and reassured Whitlock that it was okay and that he would find that person and destroy them for what they did to destroy the life that he could have had.

The players, of course, realize the gravity of what just happened: Artemis’ sun will not grow up to be his protege, but instead grow to hate him and want to kill him. This may come back to haunt them one day.

Artemis agreed to being paid to leave town for a while, which was fortunate as he had a contract to complete in Waterdeep. Having concluded their business, they went back to Mhendi, where they were able to get the information they sought. Connor was on the plane of fire, likely in the City of Brass.

Deciding not to take the oceanic route back to Waterdeep, the party hired a mage to cast teleport on one of them while the rest stayed within the Bag of Lodging (think like a Leomund’s Tiny Hut crossed with a bag of holding).

Unfortunately, there was a mishap and the party ended up in Baldur’s Gate.

Deciding that travelling back to Waterdeep by boat is the best coarse of action, they sailed back.

Getting to Waterdeep, the party realized that they had another job to do, which was to eliminate the Red Wizard Exile fortress and find out what they would about it.

That’s about all I have in me for now.

Friday, since I am playing catch-up, I will finish the story of the assault on the Red Wizard Exile fortress, what they find out, and what they did last night!

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