Sunday League: What the Devil?

The party continued through the dwarven tomb, easily handling the flying crystalline battle axes. They eventually came to the actual tomb, and were mentally accosted by an Entity known as Abidos, who promised help in exchange for its freedom. The party declined, and figured out the puzzle, with the (believed to be) demon trapped in the enchanted pillars.

The dwarven barbarian took the loot, consisting of a shield with the symbol of Dumathoin (a dwarven deity) that was a sentinel shield as well as an adamantine war pick.

The party continued back along their original route, eventually finding a portal. They used the stone key they had found previously (or rather, given in exchange for a task being completed), and passed through, finding themselves in an underground swamp.

Continuing forward, the party ran into a trio of bullywugs that immediately retreated east. The party followed and became acquainted with the leader of the frog-like bullywugs, who spoke entirely in thieve’s cant, asking who they were and what they wanted. Answering that they were just passing through, and being a large, well-armed and armored group, the bullywugs offered to point them to the way to the next level down.

Enjoying the prospect of not having to fight their way through a bunch of bullywugs, the party agreed to pass through.

The party continued through, down a long passage, reaching level 9 of the dungeon.

Soon after arriving, they were approached by an older man with wild gray hair and gray robes. The man looked identical to a portrait they assumed to previously was Hallaster, the infamous Mad Mage, who greeted them warmly and offered any arcane spellcasters the option of studying in their school.

They declined, wishing to continue looking for treasure. Hallaster agreed to let them pass through on the condition that they either provide a single magic item apiece, or deal with a bone devil that was bothersome to their school.

Being who they are, the party chose the latter.

The party was led that direction, and walked into the area with the bone devil. They attempted to make contact and find out if they could deal with it. Finding that is a reasonable fiend, the cleric offered to banish it back to the Nine Hells. Drawing up a contract, which the cleric signed, the bone devil was banished back where it came from.

Additionally, after dealing with the phone devil they found another portal leading further into Undermountain.

Speaking to Hallaster, they left through the portal.

Where did they end up? What is going to happen to them? Will they survive this far in the dungeon?

Until next week…

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