Miniature Painting Spotlight

So today my post is going to be about works in progress. I am going to highlight several of the works that I have not finished. At the end I will show you my most recent finished miniature so that you can see something that is done.

Our first contestant is an unfinished human druid or sorcerer. Whatever he is, he’s definitely a spellcaster. I’ve been having problems with painting behind and around his cape as well as his beard which is not attached to the model itself but to the model’s head which is glued on differently. In any case, it’s been a pain and I’ve been working on him for weeks. It’s a commission I’m doing for a buddy of mine.

Yeah, I know. He’s pretty rough. I’ll get him done this week likely. Not sure if I’ll be happy with how he ends up turning out, but I will end up doing my best work with him in the end.

Our next contestant is a miniature I’m doing for my daughter and character she plays on my Tuesday game. She’s not playing any longer, due to school, but I still wanted to paint her gnome wizard.

As you can see, she’s still in rough shape with only the plum colored robes painted. She’s going to turn out great when I’m done, especially if I can get a steady enough hand to paint the detail on the front of the robe.

Lastly is my second troll. Just so you know that I’m not posting the original troll twice, I’m going to give you a picture of both of them side by side. The one on the left is the original (I did go back and do some additional work on him to try to darken his warts but it didn’t turn out perfectly; I’m going to make a nice dark green and dab his warts later), and on the right will be the newer one.

You may notice that there is a difference between the shade of green. I ended up picking up a shade of hunter green that I really liked and wanted to use for this troll. Granted his skin is not painted in more than one coat or so but I’m looking forward to what he looks like when he’s done. Here’s a picture all by his lonesome.

As you can tell everything is still in its rough stages. His cuffs are not done, his teeth have not been detailed, and of course he’s lacking shader which I intend on using green shade instead of a dark shade. I’m hoping it turns out well.

And now for the moment you are waiting for: the actual finished mini that I have completed.

He turned out quite well, as far as I’m concerned. This is a tiefling sorcerer that I did as a commission. Do you remember the human barbarian I previously painted? It’s for the same guy. He likes my miniature painting apparently. I’m just glad that I can do something nice for somebody.

Well, that’s all I got for today. We’ll see you next week with more painted minis!

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