Sunday Adventures: Into Muiral’s Lair

Sorry for the late post! I scheduled the post and forgot to change the time. That said, enjoy!

So the party was light this week due to Labor Day, and consisted only of the goliath bloodhunter/sorcerer, the half-elf monk, the goblin ranger

, and the tiefling fighter/wizard, all 9th level.

Heading now to the next level down (the 10th level, known as Muiral’s Gauntlet), the party first noticed tons of broken glass from mirrors in this hallway. searching around they find a secret doorway and tracks leading to the west. Heading that direction they run into a skeleton carrying a wand of the war mage. Heading deeper in they come out of another secret door into a hallway going left and right. The party here sound coming from the right and so move on that way. The voice they hear is from the drow priestess that they met back on level four.

The voice seems to be making announcements, proselytizing, and issuing commands. Being the sneaky sort of person that he is, the monk looked around the corner. He beheld four spectral drought priestesses as well as a large scorpion with the torso of a man in place of its head: Muiral himself. Sneaking back, the party quickly makes a plan as to what to do. Unfortunately, Muiral heard them and shouted for The Intruders to identify themselves. Successfully bluffing Muiral, The party went the other direction. Looking around they find the beginnings of what looks like a laboratory. At that point, Muiral has seen through the deception and has figured the party is intruding on his laboratory. Attacking the party mural begins casting spell after spell at them. At one point, the wizard/fighter found himself turning into stone, which ended as soon as the Goblin Ranger was turned into a mule. Jokes about the goblin being made an ass of himself ensued. After taking a large amount of damage from the ranger before being polymorphed, as well as taking additional damage from others (including the Fighter (Eldritch Knight)/Wizard who had just learned fireball), Muiral decided that discretion was the better part of valor and retreated, vowing to return.

The fighter/wizard was so happy…

The party decided that they would continue into the laboratory where they found another one of Hallaster’s gates. Realizing that the riddle on the gate indicated that someone invisible had to be in front of the mirror to activate it, the party entered finding themselves in a large room with a set of basil double doors heading north.

The party easily opened the door to find a large clay altar and beyond that several duergar and cloakers milling about below the dice that they found themselves standing on. The fighter/wizard turned invisible intending to not be seen by the duergar, Only to trigger the alters guardian, a large clay golem. Striking a deal with the duergar, The party agrees to slay the clay golem in exchange for safe passage throughout this level, which they found was the 6th, and the wrong direction.

The party, with the help of a new companion, a half orc Paladin/barbarian, made short work of the Clay golem, leaving the duergar in awe of his brute strength. The party traveled inward to this seemingly abandoned dwarven fortress and tomb, looking for treasures that they may plunder. As it so happened, the party came across several of the all too familiar gates they had been traveling through from level to level. deciding that they were unable to activate the ones they found, the party continued onwards until they found a secret door into the tomb of a supposedly dead king. Bursting open the seals of the sarcophagus, all of the swords from around the room animated to attack.

Join us next week to see how our heroes fare!

Goblin Ranger for the win!
Art not my own, source unknown

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