The Tuesday Chacters

Due to a family emergency, I was unable to run my table as normal this week, so I have an alternative post. Enjoy!

I’ve realized that I’ve done a considerable amount of describing this and that without talking about the individual players. This is mostly on purpose, as I value my players’ privacy.

That said, their characters are fair game. I will be dividing the characters into former and current.

Former: Iul the gnome war caster wizard (dropped due to school), Percell the druid (spore)/cleric (dropped due to table swap), Halen the elven divination wizard (dropped due to family issues), Calvin the human Ranger (dropped due to work schedule), Moe Spots the tabaxi swashbuckler rogue (dropped to DM another table), and Gra’ Kel the half-orc barbarian (dropped due to work schedule).

Current: Dexter the tabaxi blood hunter/sorcerer, Gram-gram the dwarven cleric/warlock, Severn the human paladin, the dragonborn sorcerer, the shadow Monk, and the kobold wizard.

Yes, there are names I can’t remember right now. My bad.

In any case, the party began with all of the former, but included Severn, then became the current over a month’s time, about the time August came around.

I really hate Covid, you know?

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